of Pittsburgh Founders’ Day - February 28
Celebrating 230 years 1787-2017
of Pittsburgh Founders’ Day - February 28
Celebrating 230 years 1787-2017


what is Pitt Day of giving?

The University of Pittsburgh will have its first ever giving day on Pitt’s Founders’ Day - February 28, 2017. Starting at 12am and lasting for the next 24 hours, students, alumni, faculty, staff, friends, parents, and fans will come together to transform tomorrow.

Why is Pitt doing a Day of Giving?

Pitt Day of Giving has three primary goals: (1) To decrease future student loan debt through increased giving to scholarships, (2) To reconnect with the Pitt community by building a sense of pride, and (3) To give YOU an opportunity to be a part of something big!

can i make my gift before Pitt Day of Giving?

Absolutely! Clicking here to make your gift online today. You can also give by phone by calling 1-800-817-8943. Or, mail your check to:
University of Pittsburgh
Institutional Advancement
128 North Craig Street, 107 Park Plaza
Pittsburgh, PA 15260
Please note “Pitt Day of Giving” on your check. All checks must be postmarked no later than February 28, 2017.

what makes my contribution on pitt day of giving special?

On February 28, your contribution will have an even bigger impact thanks to the generosity of other donors who will be providing challenge funds. Challenge funds are used to create competition and incentivize the winner/s by awarding the challenge dollars to a specific area of the University.  So, by making your gift, you can help your favorite area at Pitt win these challenge funds. Throughout the day, leaderboards will show progress towards the challenge goals in real time. Every gift always makes a difference, but Pitt Day of Giving offers a special opportunity to come together and maximize the impact of gifts to Pitt.

how do i decide where my gift goes?

The great thing about Pitt Day of Giving is that you can designate your gift to your own area of passion or calling, while still being a part of the larger community. Each school or program has selected a few areas that need your support the most; all you have to do is choose your favorite.

will 100% of my gift go to my designated area?

Yes, all of your gift will be directed to the designation of your choice.

will my pledge payment count as a gift on giving day?

Of course! If you choose to fulfill your previous pledge online, make sure to check the box to indicate your gift is a payment on an existing pledge. To make your pledge payment by phone, call 1-800-817-8943.

is my gift 100% tax-deductible?

Yes. Gifts to Pitt are tax-deductible to the extent permitted by law.

can i make a gift of stock?

Yes. You can give a gift of stock to support your favorite school or program. Please call 1-800-817-8943 for more information.

can i create a recurring gift on giving day?

You can sign up to make a recurring gift on Pitt Day of Giving. Only the payment processed on the Day of Giving will be counted towards the Pitt Day of Giving totals, but your ongoing recurring payment will continue to make a difference for Pitt students.

can i still give once giving day is over?

Yes! Once Pitt Day of Giving has passed, you can still make a gift to the University by clicking here. However, your gift will not be counted towards the giving day totals.  You can also make a gift by phone at 1-800-817-8943. Thank you for your support!

can i do more than just give?

Another valuable way to participate is by spreading the word. Click here to access our Pitt Day of Giving social media toolkit. By sharing Pitt Day of Giving content from your social media accounts, you can help us reach even more people who care about Pitt.

i am a student. how can i be involved?

As a student, it’s easy to get involved.  Here are a couple of options:

  1. Click here to make a gift. Every gift counts, no matter the size!
  2. Spread the word on social media by clicking here to access our toolkit.

What are challenges?

Challenges are a way to amplify the impact of your gift. Generous donors have provided challenge funds that will be unlocked upon achieving participatory goals.
For tax purposes, donors who participate in the giving challenges will be credited for their individual contribution only.

why are scholarsHip funds so important?

We know that a world-class education is expensive. That’s why scholarships are a high priority for Pitt. Gifts to scholarships help make a Pitt education more affordable.

what time zone is the countdown in?

Pitt Day of Giving will run in the Eastern Time Zone from 12:00am on February 28, 2017 through 11:59pm on the same day.


Please call 1-800-817-8943 to speak with a Pitt Day of Giving representative, or email