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Pitt’s award-winning University Center for International Studies cultivates globally capable and engaged students and serves as the hub for global learning, programs, and partnerships. Pitt to the World. The World to Pitt.

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Your donation will help students prepare to embrace the world through Pitt's Study Abroad program; our six area studies centers (African Studies, Asian Studies, Global Studies, European Studies, Latin American Studies, and Russian, East European, and Eurasian Studies); global experiential learning programs including offerings from the Office of International Services; and scholarships from Pitt's famous Nationality Rooms program.

What is Pitt Day of Giving?

Pitt Day of Giving (PDoG) is a 24 hour fundraising event where alumni, students, faculty, staff, family, and friends come together to support the University's founding by making a gift to the area that means the most to them. For that reason, it is the University's most important fundraising day of the year. .divider-double { display: none; } .supporters { display: none; } .campaign-page .campaign-details .media-and-supporter-info h3.thanks { display: none; }